Adobe CS6 Professional Services

Photoshop, Illustrator‎, Flash, In Designs, Premiere, Audition, After Effects, Fire Works, and Dreamweaver. Logo Design, Catalogue, and Brochure Design, Art Illustrations, Vector Art & Logos, Tag Line, Marketing Materials, Packaging Design, Website Design, Digital Art, Branding, and SEO. Public Presentation Boards.

Contact Wilfredo Rodriguez (616) 268 0359 or wilfredorodriguez4@hotmail.com, 

Recent Projects

A game application mock up, it’s called “YOU BE THE DJ”, I can’t mention how the game works just yet until it is all developed and sent to market, but it is an extraordinary idea for a game, because everyone loves music.


A blueprint mock up of an architectural design, “THE BUTTERFLY SKYSCRAPER”, after researching the worlds most popular architectural designers,  most of them came from the country of Spain, and the buildings they designed where from living creatures.


Informational Graphic, “THE POWER NETWORKING CONFERENCE”, creating this type of advertisement can be tricky, you want to be able to get just the right amount of text, but not to much, people are in a hurry these days in there daily lives, so who has time to read on the go, but also you want to give them all the elements of the info graphic, in a simple but effective presentation of the event.






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